-1. If you find a girl has only photos showing her face only, herfigure is terrible and unattractive!
-2. Girls who take photos displaying their behind, thighs orboobs are using themselves as sexual baits…and most in thiscategory want to date rich men, younger or older does notmatter!
-3. MEN whose photos are mostly in hotels, with big cars,airports etc wants us to think they are rich…but reality may befar from it!
-4. WOMEN who mostly update,”proud to be single” aremiserably lonely and are seeking attention!
-5. WOMEN who normally update status showing that “men aredogs” mostly are prostitutes who have been bitching with everytom, dick and harry out there…used goods!
-6. MEN who you date and NEVER put any photo you aretogether on his timeline, has other women he wishes theybelieve he is single and searching!
-7. People with no profile pics are mostly ugly, or have fakeprofiles!
-8. GIRLS who say they cannot date or marry a man who is notfinancially stable are mostly lazy girls cum gold diggers whoonly want to get a rich man to finance their extravagant life!
-9. GIRLS who post literally everything they do offline as a selfieonline e.g. when they are partying, on beach, etc…such aredrama queens…avoid them!
-10. MEN who in their profile are “so learned” e.g. graduatesetc. are mostly so uncivilized and boring offline.
-11. WOMEN who have over detailed profiles are bitterconfused girls who can rain hell on earth…beware of such!
-12. MEN who brag a lot online, offline they are losers andmisers…mostly very poor!
-13. LADIES who never update anything and the day theyupdate it is, “I am moody, I am having a bad day”…normallyupdate when they are menstruating!!..and ladies who onlineupdate to say they are horny…update when ovulating!
-14. LADIES who are single mums and keep posting photos oftheir children, literally like every day, are only telling theworld, “I did not abort!!”, but are still very bitter about the kidsdaddy!
-15. The noisiest men online are mostly hustlers, the mostsilent women online are mostly wealthy independent women!
-16. LADIES who insist they don’t care about a man’s financialstatus are mostly working class, or desperate for love!
-17. Most people who easily insult others online via posts orcomments are very insecure about themselves, and mostlyimmature!
-18. A MAN or a WOMAN who always comments positively onyour posts, photos, etc. deep down he/she is your secretadmirer: Hit on him/her and chances are high you will winhim/her!
-19. Someone who has NEVER commented on your photos orposts, then suddenly comes to your inbox professing how he/she admirers you, is a liar…only flattering you!
-20. MARRIED women mostly have very positive comments andstatus updates, single ladies mostly have very negativecomments and status updates.
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MY Virginity Was lost!!We started with kissing.He pushed me in bed.He told me I shouldn’t be scared.He told me I shouldn’t feel bad.He told me it will be sweet..I told him I wanted everythng perfect,He told me evrythng was right,Why didn’t I feel right,Damn he was a pervert..I threw him a condom,I used to move with it in my bag.He said fuck the condom,He kissed me while throwng myclothes on the floor.He had locked the door already.He told me not to scream.I couldn’t scream too coz I was scared.He said this is like eatng ice-cream,This was like a dream honestly..As he went in,He became faster.As he went deeper,The more pain I felt,After all this,Blood scatted in the bed,I took my pants and belt,I felt sick and bad..He said to me,Thanks for the service,You may now leave my section,As threw me my bag,These words I shall remember,He left me pregnant,Few months past,He died of HIV/Aids,Meaning I got it too,.He played me.He used me as his tool,How can he be so ‪#‎cruel‬,I thought he was ‪#‎cool‬,Damn I was a ‪#‎fool‬,Up to now I still regret..This is my story,Matters of Love and BrokenHearts Written from a hospital bed.Please I beg of you ‪#‎Like‬ ‪#‎comment‬& ‪#‎share‬ thisOn your wall to warn otherLadies Persons about HIV/Aids. Thankspowered by GBBinc.

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