If you take a Monkey to a Goats market People will rush to see the Monkey but at the end of the day they will buy Goats.

In the past days i have posted two logic questions and the answers were really fem and probably wrong,why? I think today many people especially the youth have been brought up in an environment were they always have a subjective view to everything u can even see it in the posts that are posted in this platform and the kind of debate that rotates around them and this really hurts me.—Today our seniors have taught us the politics of character assasination,they have taught us that if we have divergent fews then we are enemies,they have told us to settle and shut up,they have taught us politics that divides us but yet we are one people—But i think we should be the generation that learns to disagree without being disagreeable,that makes it possible to compromise so long as we know the principles that can’t be compromised,we should learn to each other and assume the best instead of the worst out of people. If we want to take this country forward as a generation we should always rise and fall as one people as one nation regardless of your political affillition


by GBBInc