THE TREND IS CHANGING AND AM PROUD OF MY FELLOW UGANDANS”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Ugandans seem to be saying to the dictatorship that “enough is enough”.. A new trend has now developed where the people do not allow the militarised police to bully them anymore, especially during meetings addressed by their political leaders.The citizenry now refuses to obey police’s illegal orders and even confront the goons with every type of weapon, that they can find.On Monday the citizens forced their way through a road which the goons had blocked to sabotage Mbabazi, and today after a volley of rubber bullets and tear gas , the people moved in and made a citizens’s arrest of a rowdy policeman and the siituation continues..‪#‎NOREFORMSNOELECTIONS‬,,,,,THE PEOPLE’S POWER WILL SOON BE FELT IN EVERY CORNER OFTHIS LAND.

If you fail to feed on the abundant forest of knowledge, you die of hunger from a desert of ignorance. Ugandans including those in armed forces have a choice to either follow the right side or remain on the wrong one full of human rights violations and abuses. Currently, the events in Amuru and now Soroti and then we don’t where next, all shd tell us to act sanely and rightly cos it may be very late to apologise how some of you were misled to do wrong against innocent citizens desiring peace and development. We are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers name any relationship. Those perpetuating the wrongs should go slow. We all have a right to life! All humans are born equal in rights and dignity

Soroti Municipality MP MIke Mukula says he is disappointed in the way police handled the situation in Soroti as Amama Mbabazi attempted to address a rally. Mukula says it could have been handled more ‘maturely’ Do you agree with Mukula? What do you think could have been done ‘maturely’? Was the police right to block Amama’s rallies?Post your comments here or call in…Studio line is 0700-48-45-80

Wednesday, September 9, 2015THE MORE ‪#‎MUSEVENI‬ FIGHTS ‪#‎MBABAZI‬ THE MORE POPULAR JPAM BECOMES ‪#‎UGANDA‬Checked in with ‪#‎TeamJPAM‬ on whatsap and look what has been going on. This is too much fun. So now we know what they bought the fighter jets for. All this time I thought it was for my candidate Dr. Kiyingi. Oh JPAM show them. Yes, Go Forward.——————————–[9/9, 3:53 PM] +256 772 : Nti kadaga has been mobilising people to demonstrate in jinja today but they have refused. She had promised to pay thm @ 100000. Bodaboda refused even free fuel[9/9, 3:56 PM] +256 772 : Thumbs up the people of Busoga. They are mature politically[9/9, 3:57 PM] +256 772 : They will chew the money but still stand with the GoForward campaign[9/9, 5:54 PM] +256 773 : With cowardly actions of the state of Uganda and notably lowering the MIG Planes atop Soroti referral hospital producing a loud noise and a band, reports indicate that about four women and a child have breathed their last as a result. Now Police leadership claim no responsibility of issuing orders to fire tear gas, it turns out that the orders came from plot 1 aka state house .Arguably, the confusion has made the Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi the most popular man in TESO.The strategists of Mzee M7 are evidently blundering at a supersonic speed.The flight captain has come out to condemn police actions and to show the world that he is in Kampala and could not be part if that horrible planReports indicate Arrow boys struck two police men and one is nursing a bloody eye.Mukula is Going ForwardUganda is ripe for change.

Always be careful with who you help, trust and tell your plans. Not every friend is a good friend and a well- wisher. Some are fake friends but pretending to be good. .They laugh with you and they pretend to support your plans and dreams but they don’t wish you success. .So, keep your plans to your heart. If you feel like sharing, only share them with God because He’s the only realest friend you will ever have..If your secret is not safe by your friends then keep your secret safe by you .Dont forget to Share message to Inspire.

by GBBInc