Your Lovescope for September 13, 2015

It seems to be the influence of
friends, and perhaps brothers and
sisters, that succeeds in procuring
that special date for you tonight. But
you had better be ready, as the
day’s planetary aspect indicates that
it will be a sizzling occasion. If you
are afraid of passion, perhaps you
had better make some polite excuses
and back out now, before you get
    There’s no need to walk around with
a frown on a day like this, Aries. You
have a special spark in your eye and
spring in your step that you should
make great use of today. Jump into
action with vigor and communicate
your thoughts to other people. Change
is important and necessary now. It
might be smart to wipe the slate
clean and start anew. Click here to join us on facebook.

by GBBInc