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Minister Banyenzaki declares Mbabazi Go-
Forward sign “obscene”
“That ka-finger he is pointing-pointing is
obscene in our culture. That’s why he’s
starting from the East. In Kigezi we shall
chase him away,” Henry Banyenzaki
reportedly said.
The junior minister for economic monitoring
who comes from Kabale was addressing
members of an NGO in Kampala recently.
He suggested that Mbabazi’s sign could
only be entertained in eastern Uganda.
Mbabazi Go Forward sign is actually a
combination of NRM’s thumbs-up and a
forward-going index finger.
It is a public secret that former premier
Amama Mbabazi and Banyenzaki are not
friends. It was Banyenzaki, after all, who
recently accused Mbabazi of being a tyrant. More to come……..

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