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Having had a thought that you will at a certain time have guts of reading this article, I had to start writing.
Now you’re here reading, thanks very much. I now bend to your rights saying it’s a great thing investing in your time to know much about our tomorrow’s blogging, it’s good. Isn’t it? Ok!
Let me introduce to you my experience as a blogger. I just started out as a fake internet fan using mobile devices. Don’t ask what exactly was I doing with it, it was automatically the fantasy of nude photos, cartoons, nature, and the likes. Hahaha! So funny like that. Later on transpired by facebook, through which I had to create an account which almost ran be crazy.
The conditions of course were at times unfavorable, mobile devices were at most limited by their RAM. As time went on, I kept on advancing in both knowledge(exposure) and means(that’s when I acquired my first android device). Life kept on changing, as at a certain time I thought about owning a website.
My first attempt was to consult  my facebook friends, whom I considered most knowledgeable but all I received from them was just discouragement. All telling me that they hardly had any information about website creation and designing. Only one friend of mine text to me that I Google the tips, which later helped me.
The going has never been simple but we have managed to keep on moving regardless of all the challenges. Never say that we never met challenges which would have at most stopped us from moving, but the passion, spirit and strong desire of sharing my fantasies with the globe, we managed to surpass all that was a bit a hustle at first, including DATA purchases, at most. The means as I earlier told you started my blogging from a mobile device for almost five months before switching to blogging with a laptop, then making it up to here according to how you are viewing our blog right now.
   Life is a hustle my friend, still self motivated to keep on moving forward till when I manage to bring my blog to the top of them all.

My future blogging seems to tackle mostly on life challenges and how we can overcome them, you know as we are living today things keep on changing both physically and physiologically. Here let’s take a look at the way our social living standards including our networking at home are changing. My friend we have to keep on changing with change. And to change we must have means, those means are exactly what we are looking forward to bringing you with our website and blogging.
Next is also at the services that we are offering or looking forward to be offering. Our works, and future plans at GBBinc.  With all that, without forgetting your works and adverts from your niche including your own businesses, we shall feature you here irrespective of your capacity so as to have some change in our living since we have a chance of doing that.
With all that in mind, know we are with you throughout the road  as long as you’re with us too.

You can also contact us on facebook, Twitter, Google+, all with the identity of boshbills. Nice time with us.