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I have taken long meeting some bornagain congregations praying in some tongues which I believe to have never existed. I wondered for long but now came upon this text in the bible and now I’m sharing with you what I found interesting with it. The bible explains it all, so have time reflect on this article for better understanding of the concept.
From 1CORINTHIANS 14:18-25, the bible goes……
I thank God that I speak in strange tongues much more than anyone of you. But in church worship I would rather speak five words that can be understood, inorder to teach others, than speak thousands of words in strange tongues.
Do not be like children in your thinking, my brothers and sisters; be children so far as evil is concerned, but be grown up in your thinking.
In the scriptures it is written:
“By means of people speaking strange languages
I will speak to my people, says the lord.
I will speak through lips of foreigners,
But even then my people will not listen to me.”
So then, the gift of speaking in strange tongues is proof for unbelievers, not for believers, while the gift of proclaiming God’s message is proof for believers, not, for unbelievers.
If then , the whole church meets together and everyone starts speaking in strange tongues- and if some ordinary people or unbelievers come in, won’t they say that you’re all crazy?
But if every one is proclaiming the word of God/God’s message when some unbelievers come in, they will be convinced of their sin by what they hear, their secret thoughts will be brought into the open, and they will bow down and worship the Lord, confessing, “Truly God is here among you!”
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