Products and Services

Eledailyfix provides a wide range of home communication and entertainment electronics repair services, including;

  • Repair and cleaning of home and car stereos and CB radios, like Hoofer, amplifier, Home theatre, …
  • Computer repair and maintenance
  • Phone repair
  • Repair and cleaning of TVs
  • Repair and cleaning of VCRs and DVDs


  • Sale of used Phones, Computers, TVs, DVDS, Stereos plus all other related electronics in the region
  • Sale of new electronics accessories
  • General accessories sales such as Chargers, Headphones, Scratchguards, batteries
  • Downloads such as Softwares, apps and Music
  • Phone and Battery Charging
  • Teach electronics repairing plus all the Digital Tech skills
  • FREE estimates on repair works
  • House calls and FREE pick up and delivery
  • PLUS all other most on demand accessories of the model in the region

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Future Products and Services that Eledailyfix will prepare to institute include Tv/VCRs/DVDs/CDs rental, Sale of storage devices such as HDD, SD cards, Flash Disks, CDs, Floppy disks, Dvds.
Mr Bosh is also investigating the possibility of designing a website and integrate it with a mobile app projected at giving consumer-Technician referral basic as a FREE source service so as the globe can be able to access repair services in their localty on the tip of their fingers with a lot of ease in some near future date.
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